What we offer here

We provide Architectural/interior drawings and design options for all types of buildings as per the local byelaws and existing site conditions.
Building Design and Planning is based on Various Building services (Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC, Vastu & local Byelaws).

Concept Creation

Conceptual sketches of floor plans, elevations, section to explain design

Detail Drawings

Complete layout, working drawings, As built drawings

3d Model

Model of the designed block, Surroundings, walkthrough

Case study

Why case study is important?

A complete study of client’s requirements and aesthetic taste is important to figure out what has to be done to proceed on design further.

Site Analysis

A deep study of site and climate conditions is also required to proceed further on design.

Design & development

Design & development includes a close study of the local byelaws and implementation with proper anthropometrics and ergonomics.

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